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Construction and investment company BK-Invest has been working on the European building market since 1999. To the moment we have implemented more than fifty different  construction projects in Latvia, Belgium, Germany and Russia.

We have obtained the status of a reliable and highly professional company while working.  Dynamic development, new technologies in construction area and high quality of our projects give us the possibility to safely continue our business but our clients – to recommend us to their partners, colleagues and friends.

Today we offer to Investors our service package that includes the choice of the investment project in Latvia, construction design of any complexity, getting the approvals, building and handing over for commissioning.

The range of services of choosing the investment project, designing, building and getting approvals includes:

  • at Investor’s option – large portfolio of potential investment objects in Latvia.
  • Getting the initial permits, basic and approval documentation;
  • Complete project approval, including the construction permit;
  • Preparing to construction;
  • Building;
  • Handing over for commissioning, registration of the ownership for the built objects;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • complete legal support of construction and any type of deals.

Construction and investment company BK-Invest designs and builds objects of any complexity for civil, trade and production purposes. The company has the necessary material and technical resources as well as engineering equipment, that allows to perform the whole range of works by our own efforts, including external networks and landscaping.

For many years the successful activity of the company is proven by our customers, letters of appreciation, certificates of honour and new orders.

BK-Invest means reliable, qualitative and consistent!

We take the responsibility for the objects we built! We give all the guarantees according the law of European Union and Latvia.

We are waiting for your call!
Vitaly Bogdanov
tel.: +371 29999799
skype: vitalijsss

Svetlana Tretyakova 
Head of real estate department
tel.: +371 26618846
skype: svitlana.tretyakova